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About Adelaide4Africa



Adelaide4Africa is a working coalition of like minded people who have a heart for the challenges of East Africa. East Africa includes countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi. Adelaide4Africa’s work in these areas focuses on Educational, Child Sponsorship, Self Sustainable Living programmes and Capital Projects as the defined areas to best support the people of East Africa. At this point of time, through fundraising and the generous support of donors, Adelaide4Africa has distributed around USD$40,000 into two areas of East Africa, of which the areas and type of support can be seen when you click on the project areas tabs. The definition and descriptions of focus categories, the geographical areas and specific organisations that are beneficiaries are as follows:


A4A Beneficiaries:

  • Schools
  • Orphanages
  • Teenagers and Young Adult Sponsorship


A4A funding focus areas:

  • Education and Facilities
  • Child Education Sponsorship
  • Young Adult Sponsorship
  • Self Sustainable Living Programmes
  • Building Capital Projects


 A4A geographical areas of focus in East Africa:

  • Moshi, Tanzania


Organisations that are beneficiaries of A4A programmes
in the City of Moshi, Tanzania:


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